Thursday, July 30, 2015

First week

What a first week! It started with flying from Salt Lake to Mexico City with 91 other elders. After landing and getting my beef jerky and hi chews through security, the 91 elders and myself packed onto two Mercedes buses, yeah that's right, rode to the CCM in style. After we got there it was a busy day. From orientation to language classes it was chock full of work and lots and lots of Spanish. The Mexico City MTC, called the CCM, used to be a pretty rad school for los niños de Mexico. It's triple the size of Provo and we have less than half the people here. It comes fully equipped with lots of basketball courts, a soccer field, a baseball field, a track, a huge gym with volleyball and ping pong, and best of all....a mini soccer court outside where during gym time I play for Chokis (Mexican Chips Ahoy that are soooooo goood). My nickname is now Elder Wonderstrike as I've scored some the best goals in my career and they love fighting over who gets me on their team. I love this place. The people the food.... definitely the food. The food is amazing. I love it . Costco pizza every Tuesday and burgers and fries every Wednesday. Other than that it's either a tortilla, rice and beans, or something weird that happens to taste really good. A lot of the people here have been getting sick with the ´CCM Two-step´ anyway I haven't been sick yet and also really enjoying everything here. The weather stays around 80 every day and the humidity isn't bad at all.

Throughout the first week my companion and I have been teaching an "investigator" about the Gospel in Spanish and although at times it's tough I know that through the gift of tongues my district is already one of the best at Spanish. My "children" arrived yesterday... two from Virginia and two from South Carolina. Two are going to Salt Lake South and the others to Alabama and Georgia I think. We live in these cute little houses that can hold up to 20 elders. Each room has two bunk beds and mini little closets. But just enough room to have a good time. If you can't tell I love this place. I cannot wait to serve the people of Mexico. There is a little store here and everything is so dirt cheap. My comp dislocated his knee before our first gym time and he had to get two injections from a very old dude who didn't speak a lick of English. Besides that everything is going great and I'm loving the language. Presidente Suaste is sooooo awesome. He is so funny and yet one of the most spiritual men I've met here. I love you all and please keep safe!


Elder Babcock
The District

Elder Babcock & Elder Felix


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