Monday, March 28, 2016

A testimony of the Book of Mormon

This week was amazing! It's the fair in Espinal and it's been raining every day. But sadly it's never cold. We decided to go to Papantla today and I got to see the "Flyers", the indigenous people who like hang by their feet and spin down a huge pole. I could never do it hahaha.

This week my companion and I spent lots of time working with two inactive families. We also got to help with the confirmation of [a recent convert]. She's so excited and reading the Book of Mormon daily. Every couple days she calls us just sooo happy about what she read and saying where has this book been my whole life? It's a super cool experience to watch someone be converted or start their conversion. It's really the thing that people need to be converted to the gospel. Or the thing that can help jump start their own testimony of the church. If they believe the Book of Mormon is the word of God, then Joseph Smith really translated that book and was a prophet. And if he was prophet and restored the gospel then our church is the correct church containing the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love love love the Book of Mormon and the power it has.

I love this work and I'm not just here to help other people but I'm becoming more converted myself every day. I would encourage all of you to download Preach My Gospel on your phones (or if you have book already) and read chapter 6. This chapter doesn't really talk about investigators or the ways to teach better. Instead it talks all about the attributes of Christ. What better time to better ourselves and become more Christ-like then right after Easter. I love this chapter of Preach My Gospel and I know that these traits of Christ are things that we can improve every day.

I love you all!!

Elder Babcock

Monday, March 21, 2016

Share your testimony

What an amazing week! First off tomorrow I will complete 8 months in the mission, and wow, time goes by too fast. But I have loved every second here. We had some awesome lessons and found some new people. Along with that we had the goal to baptize 3 people this week. All had been prepared and sadly when the day of the interview came two couldn't be baptized for one reason or another. BUT this week we had the amazing opportunity to baptize [a new member]. She is 100% an example of someone who was ready to accept the gospel the second she learned about it. When we started to teach her she had gone to church two times in the city and didn't know there was a branch in Espinal. She had lots and lots of problems but one day she said no I shouldn't be doing this and was able to stop "guajolote frio" (cold turkey hahaha). She had told us she never knew how she was able to quit as she was super addicted. But somehow she did it and she told us after the baptism that the day she said I'm going to quit she had this feeling--warm and peaceful. And well she said the entire time during the baptismal service it was the same feeling. Her testimony after her baptism sounded like that of a convert of 5 years. She has already read more than half the Book of Mormon in less than 5 weeks of having it. We would always leave one or two chapters and she would be like uhh I read 10...I had to know what happened next..hahaha. She also is reading the Teachings of the Prophets and Gospel Principles.

God is always preparing the hearts of his children to accept the gospel. We never know who or when but for that we have to share our testimony always. Now that doesn't mean bring a box to City Creek or the center or your town and scream your testimony, in fact the best way to show your testimony is the way you live. Be an example to others and they will note something different about you. This woman first questioned about the church because her cousin in a member and said why is she always so happy and nice to others. I wanna be like that, and well she ended up searching and found the church. If we show others how happy we are because of the church it will make them wonder why and want to search for themselves. Be the example and help someone find true happiness. This week we remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We remember his ultimate sacrifice for us. He served 24/7 and was our perfect example. I know he lives and that he knows me and my struggles personally and perfectly. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week. I love this church and I know that no man runs it. Read your scriptures and pray! It's the way we talk with God!! STAY SWEET!


Elder Babcock

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New missionary training in Xalapa

Well another week and two days and I'm in another little cyber in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico. My companion and myself had to go to Xalapa for a new missionary conference and we spent almost all our p-day and yesterday there. I really wanna go to the city. It's sooooo beautiful in Xalapa. Before we left we had a small zone activity where we played kickball. Being in Espinal sometimes is difficult because it's so far away from the other missionaries but when we do make it the activities it's always awesome. I truly love my zone and my leaders.

In Xalapa we had the awesome chance to talk with our president as trainers and new missionaries and we got to see the new church video and we have new proselyting cards which are super super cool. I'll send a picture of them when we get them on the 24th. Our mission is really focusing on contacting people in the streets. We have had lots of success with this as there are lots of people who are ready to accept the gospel. There's lots of people searching for the truth but maybe they don't have friends who are members to give the reference to the missionaries. For that talking with EVERYONE in the street has helped us to really find the people who are ready. And if not, we are planting the seed for some other time down the road when they are ready.

The weeks are going by so fast and the work is great. I love this place. Gotta keep this one shorter as we are about to go start our day. I love you all and stay safe! The church is true and Christ lives.
1 Corinthians 15:22.
Elder Babcock


Monday, March 7, 2016

P-Day in Papantla

Well the work here is amazing. I love my area, my companion, the members, my zone, and leaders and my mission. It's been amazing and has completely changed my life. Today we went to Papantla to spend our P-day and we ended up helping an eye care thing in the stake center. All the Americans were translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish for the eye doctors and the patients. It was super super cool to see how far my Spanish has come in this short time...however I still have tons to learn and I know I have to keep working for that to happen.

This week I had a super prideful (but a good prideful if that's a thing hahaha) moment when we went to visit our recent converts. We showed up and started talking like normal when in the middle of the lesson they said they had to tell us something that happened in the morning. [Representatives from another religion] passed by and were asking them why they joined our church, telling them it's false and that they should join their church. And they told us that the only thing they did was bear their testimony about this church. That they didn't join our church just because they liked it but because their hearts had felt the spirit and they weren't going to leave being so close to their Heavenly Father for anything. They told them we aren't going to change because this is the true church. I love this couple.

BUT there's more, this Sunday the two of them stood up for testimony meeting and talked a little bit about their conversion and how there lives have completely been changed. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! Anyway I love you all and keep safe!! Keep reading the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. That book is the best way to find the answers to your problems!


Elder Babcock

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hotter than a baked potato

Welp this week went by fast than ever. I swear someone has the remote on x4 time or something like that. This week was absolutely amazing with my new comp. He's the most amazing Elder. He is so humble and loves to serve and help others feel the spirit. He's helped me so much in the little 2 weeks we have together.

This week we started to visit with a new investigator. She's 22 and used to live super far away but now lives in Espinal so we can finally start teaching her. We showed up to the first lesson, and what do you know she pulls out her three Ensigns, her Gospel Principles book, her Teachings of the Prophets book, and her other little papers that people had given her. And well she immediately said I love your church I wanna be baptized. Teach me more. Caught us off guard and well it shows really how people who are searching for the truth will leave everything to have it. She comes from a family where her parents drank tons and were abusive. She had a kid in high school and ever since then has been alone to take care of her daughter and work for herself. She is currently learning English as well as a double career. You could say she has a full plate. Like when the hermanas give us a plate with enchiladas with beans and rice and carnitas with a soup to start and a dessert after and in the middle she asks you to eat a second plate...something like that hahahaha. BUT guess what? All this load and weight she said is being removed little by little with the what she has learned of the church. That what used to be super stressful and difficult now has meaning and reason. She wants to be better and through the gospel she can move forward.

I LOVE WHAT THIS GOSPEL CAN DO TO PEOPLE'S LIVES. My only invitation is give your friends and family, who have not heard or maybe aren't too active in the church, the chance to see what the gospel can do. Sharing our testimony is sometimes the best way to help others see that his isn't just a religion but a way of life (Alma 4:19). It's no longer a Sunday thing but an all day everyday type of thing. And you WILL be more happy living it this way. I love you guys tons and stay super safe! It's still hotter than baked potatoes here and sadly I havent eaten a baked potato in a good long while.. hahaha adios!!


Elder Babcock