Monday, June 12, 2017

Tender mercies

This has been a great week! Elder Vasquez is a machine! The dude loves to work and being my last change it's amazing to have that influence. Not much to say other than we have been visiting these little towns that are like 30 to 40 minutes walking from our house in 30-38C heat. Yeah sounds awful but we have found tons of people to teach and are seeing the fruits of going out there. Something that is a true tender mercy is we found this single mother who assisted church in another town for more than a year! She wanted to get baptized but the missionaries never talked with her sooo we started talking with her and yeah she's awesome!! She has two little kids and they are SUPER crazy with lots of energy. But they made it through 3 hours of church without a breakdown so that's good HAHAHA! I really love where I'm at in my mission and I'm not quite ready to come home. 4 weeks! Gotta take them one at a time and enjoy the last little bit I have left. I love you all and miss you! You're always in my prayers and I hope you all enjoy good weather. It';s hotter than anything from Utah here. Have a great week!!!!!


Elder Babcock

Sunday, June 11, 2017

New and final companion

WELLLLLL a lot has happened this past week. I'll try to recap all the most important parts. To start off, Elder Chavez went to Xalapa and my new companion is Elder Vasquez. Funny thing is he's from the same place as Elder Chavez. He's an awesome missionary and well I'm super happy he's my last companion in the mission! He's my first comp with more than 6 months! Crazy no? I have had all young companions!!! Anyway he's super great with our investigators and the members. He loves to talk and loves Coke even more HAHAHA. Daily he drinks from 1 to 2 liters of Coke I know but somehow he manages to live and not have kidney problems. Anyway! We have had some really awesome things happen this week. In the beginning of the week we had interviews and a zone conference. I  had my last interview with my mission president as a new one is coming next month. Also my last conference where I gave a small testimony to my fellow missionaries. It's finally starting to click that it's coming to an end. Here in San Rafael (or Veracruz in general) they are voting for what would be like a governor haha. It's crazy. I snagged a sweet verde backpack (pics coming soon). One day we went out to this tiny town called Gyuayabal. It's literally like 50 people. They all grow bananas. Silvia invited us to go visit a friend. It was such a great lesson. Her friend has a lot of sadness in her life and seeing her spirits lifted by the gospel was neat. She came to church with her family this week! Hopefully they can be baptized before I go! But yeah and now we played volleyball all day in the stake center and I'm WHIPPED! Never been so tired. But yeah here I am in a small ciber in San Rafael, Veracruz Mexico. 5 weeks left!!! I love you all so much and can't wait to see you all!! Have a great week!!!