Monday, June 27, 2016

Heading towards the one year mark in Teziutlan

Well for the weekly letter, this week went by extremely fast and it also was time for changes!! We had an awesome time as all the missionaries in Teziutlan got together and we had an awesome dinner waiting for the changes to come. The surprise came when most of us aren't changing!! I am going to stay with Elder Guzman for another change and most of my district stays the same. Elder de Groff is going to Xalapa where he will finish his last change. Elder Cobox will now be in my district as he's going to Altotonga. I'm super stoked to see him again.

I'm really excited to spend another change here as I'm going to hit the one year mark this change!! Crazy how fast the time is flying. A bunch of elders that had about my time in the mission when I started are going home and I'm here like I still wanna stay. I'm not ready to leave yet hahahaha. We had a taco fest as a district because Elder de Groff is leaving. Sad to see my buddy go, but he's going to do work in Xalapa. I truly love this work. Through the good times and the bad times it's always been a blessing and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.


Elder Babcock

Little Jerry Seinfeld

I was challenged to take some shots at the fair.

Voladores ("flyers")

Monday, June 20, 2016

11 months

Well I don't have very much time as we are six missionaries and there are only four computers so we are learning to share (; This week was awesome and we were super busy the whole time. I've come to learn the mission really is the best two busiest years. One second you're up in the morning and the next you're laying down to sleep. Crazy how fast the time flies. Not to mention I'm going to be hitting eleven months in the mission pretty soon. WOOOT how crazy?! right?!

I feel like just yesterday I showed up to the mission home and Elder Reyes took me to Coatzintla. I've come to learn a lot but most of all I've come to rely more on our Savior during the tough times. I love love love studying the atonement and reading about the life of Jesus Christ. They gave out a little booklet with tons of conference talks a while back about the atonement and well I've been reading like crazy cause I just love it so much. In this life we are meant to have joy, it says so in the scriptures (2 Nephi 2:25) but we are all going to have tough times and trials. That's also part of our time on the earth. I know and have learned that searching the scriptures and praying often helps just about any situation.

That would be my little challenge to read and learn as much as you can about the plan our Heavenly Father, more specific, about the atonement of Jesus Christ, as that is the central part of his plan. I love you all and hope everything is swell and hot there (; in June here there's tons of rain so its nice and cool here. We walk around in sweaters and jackets all day (; stay sweet!!


Elder Babcock

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good news, bad news

Welllll hello there... this week was absolutely amazing in many ways. We had some super cool lessons, one of which I will talk about a little later, also our president came to visit for a zone conference where something really bad and sad happened... (suspense...duh duh DUH) we also are looking at some very very possible baptisms for the next couple weeks and it's all just good and dandy here in San Juan.

To start off this week we had a zone conference with our amazing president, Presidente Greer. He talked with us as a zone about talking less and letting the spirit talk more. Instead of reading a scripture or passage and then immediately sharing a question or thought to give some time and wait for them to start talking. It really was something so simple but that we have seen a lot more success in our lessons. Also we encouraged us to use more of Moroni 10:3-5, Moroni´s promise, with our investigators and even the less active members.

The sad thing that happened is that we received our cards and packages from home this week.. all of them were sitting inside of a suitcase from Xalapa. But while we were inside the chapel having the conference someone snuck in and stole our stuff..... and later we found all our cards and packages destroyed and ruined... I found a card with my name but I have no idea who sent it and well I sadly wasn't able to read it.

We have this amazing investigator. We're just about done with the lessons and she has her baptismal date in a couple weeks. We were talking about the Word of Wisdom and sharing the wonderful blessings we can receive if we live this commandment in D&C 89. And instead of blurting out a question we just stayed quiet and still... we waited.. and waited.. and waited some more.. and then she started to talk and told us that she would love to have every single one of these blessings.

But that wasn't all!!! We had another amazing lesson with a new investigator. He lives in the middle of nowhere.. he owns lots and lots of cornfields and well doesn't have much free time. We went to visit him with the intentions of teaching the restoration and leaving a Book of Mormon to read. When we showed up he was busy, but dropped everything to chat for a little while with us jovenes. We were out in the middle of the cornfield when we started to teach the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong that in the middle of the lesson he told us out of nowhere that he felt a slight burning in his chest. Nothing that hurt him but felt really good. It was super cool to be part of that lesson and help him feel the holy ghost. he later accepted our Book of Mormon and on Sunday told us he's already to Mosiah.


Elder Babcock

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super busy

This week was awesome!! Super busy but we got it done and are ready for the next one. Sadly I don't have time to write today.... we were super busy and we have a family home evening tonight.. my companion and I had a super cool week as we found awesome people to teach and did lots of divisions. My comp and I are doing awesome and idk how the Pres. does changes. Sometimes people stay like two or three changes together. That's about it.


Elder Babcock

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Well sadly we don't have any money right now so I can only write really quick 'cause we are at a member's house. This week was great!! Found some new families to teach and taught some great lessons. My new companion is Elder Guzman, he's from Mexico City. This P-day we didn't do anything 'cause the money comes tomorrow and well we have nada...anyway probably won't write a letter for this week. Just fotos.


Elder Babcock