Monday, December 28, 2015

First Christmas in Mexico

Well Christmas has passed, and it's almost the new year!!! This week I had the awesome chance to talk to the family through Skype and well it was amazing. I love my family so much and they are such a great example to me. It was funny to speak a little Spanish and well just see the snow.. you guys are lucky as it's like 90s every day here... It's only fun for a while and then you're sweating and yeah it gets old super fast... BUT we had some fun times this week I would like to talk about.

I have recovered from the chingunkuya and I feel great! As of right now we have people planned for this week for a baptism. It didn't fall through this last week as the family of the girl we are baptizing couldn't go so we waited a week. We also had a little branch Christmas party which was super fun. We had a little devotional where I was able to talk a little (woot woot) Spanish powers. Afterward we had some games and lots and lots of food! I've come to love this area so much and with changes this coming Sunday I don't wanna leave. There aren't many members and it's in the middle of nowhere. But the Spirit is the same and the people are awesome (:

To end this week we went to a city called Coyutla. It's a lot bigger than Espinal but it only has like 2 active members. It's an hour away from Espinal and it's part of our branch. Well this Sunday we went out there to give a blessing to an hermana that has been sick for 4 months... we went out with the branch president and his wife to meet her and then give the blessing. It's crazy how optimistic this woman was. After the blessing she only said this. "I was reading in the Ensign the other day and well there was a quote that said we can't change our circumstances but we can change how we view them and we can change our attitude about them." Wow how powerful it was to hear an hermana that has been sick in bed for 4 months and yet she still is looking for the good in life. So that will be my invitation for this week's letter. Is look for the good in every situation. Whether we like what happens or not we can learn and grow for the better.

I love you all and hope you had a safe Christmas and are going to have lots of fun for the new years! To end the letter, here in Mexico everyone does fireworks and well you know we got some to celebrate and here they are soo much more fun and super cheap. Love you all and keep reading and praying! Blessings are always waiting!


Elder Babcock

This river runs through Espinal

Espinal from up on the hill

El Chancho

Pozole, my favorite dish in Mexico

Christmas hijinks with the comp

The view of the Christmas Skype from home

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