Monday, July 3, 2017

See you in 10

Well I only have one more week left in my mission. I now know how the majority of missionaries feel where you don't want to leave but at the same time you do. For those who don't know my mission president left last week and I now have a new one!! President Esquihuas!! He's from California if I'm not mistaken and well I won't get to know him all that much sadly. This Thursday we have a conference with him and then yeah my last interview! These past two weeks have been amazing. We had a priesthood conference this last week and it was awesome. LOTS of people have recently received the Melchizedek priesthood in the stake which is awesome!! We are still working with Andres to get the Aaronic. We also had a zona activity where we cleaned the entire stake center. That was tons of fun. I also got two days of divisons! Yeah super splits I guess! Friday morning we went to Martinez and started our divisons. I was with Elder Santos. He's from the Dominican Republic. He's super funny and his Spanish is great jajajaja. Anyway we were supposed to end Saturday morning but they called us asking all missionaries to attend the priesthood conference so well I got to stay another while there in Martinez. We have found quite a few of new people the past couple weeks and I'm really enjoying my mission. I'm extremely happy where I'm at and with only one week left I'm super grateful for the time I had here. If you don't know whether to go or not, DO IT!!! It's the most amazing place you could be. Spouses and school can wait!! jajaja but the Lord's work is worth the time!! I love you all so much! I'll see you in 10!!!!!

Elder Babcock

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