Monday, January 11, 2016

Working with the members

Yet another week has gone by and I feel like it was just Tuesday yesterday. This week has been an awesome one as we got to teach some really powerful lessons and help Abigail (that's the name of the joven we baptized the last week) to be confirmed a member of the Church. During this week my companion and myself have been visiting lots of less active members, because as I have said in the past, the numbers are something like only 16 percent of members are active. And so as part of our calling it's to help people to come unto Christ, not only through baptism but also the other principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so we set off.

Sadly from what we found out is that a lot of these people don't want to come back to church. They are fine to have the missionaries in and talk a little but they don't want to read the scriptures or pray. This is really sad thinking that some of these people are converts of only a couple months. That this person at one time was excited and taking lessons and going to church. Lucky there are some people who just had forgotten what the Spirit feels like or the blessings that they have received but are missing them. And with that we were able to bring three families who were inactive to sacrament meeting this past Sunday. And you know, a baptism is awesome. You get to see someone change and well make a covenant with our Heavenly Father. You get to see the gospel change a life and see someone come closer to Christ. But I think too many people get caught up in just that. Because this Sunday we didn't baptize. HOWEVER the love and joy I felt as these families entered our little prayer house was something very special. To see these families partake of the sacrament and afterwards with huge smiles asking us to visit this week. I know that missionaries don't just help investigators but we are here to bless the members as well.

I love all the experiences that I've had so far on the mission and I'm so happy to have even more. The time is going by a lot faster than I want (my mom will be mad at that) but I know from experience that if we are obedient to the commandments, if we give ourselves up, and serve, that in the end we are actually happier than we could've been before. I love this gospel and it's blessed my life so much. I hope you are all staying strong at home and going to church and praying and reading the scriptures. These things are so little, they take little to no time to do, yet they make the biggest difference. I love you all and stay safe! (last bit of news. someone told me the dollar is now worth 20 pesos. don't know how true that it, but if so woooo for me!

P.S. I forgot to put this is but I wanna talk about this real quick. Here they have a little holiday called Day of Kings. It's where they make this special bread called a rosca and it has little white figures in it. And you take turns cutting it and if you find a little figure in your piece you have to make tamales for the rest of the people. It's something really cool and fun they do I think its like the 6th of January but I don't remember. Anyway of the three families we cut rosca with I got picked twice with one familly and once with another..looks like the guero is gonna learn how to make tamales hahahaha!


Elder Babcock

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