Monday, January 25, 2016

6 months

What a fast week. I swear it was just Monday like yesterday and now it's Monday again. This week I hit 6 months in the mission. Yeah more than 1/4 of the way done. It's scary and well makes me want to work harder and do all that I can. People always have told me the time goes too fast and well I can now relate. The night that I hit 6 months my companion and I went outside and burned one of my ties and funny thing is the owner of the house came out too and bought us a Coke to celebrate. I love Mexico hahaha.

Anyway as for this week we taught lots of lessons and had a lot of new people we found. We spent this week in companion study doing little simulations, which at first I was like, serious, like this is kinda random and boring and idk... BUT during one of these my companion was acting as a person and I was trying to commit him to come to church this week. Messing around he threw in some crazy reasons as to why he couldn't come and truth is I had no idea how to answer him or commit him to come. Afterwards we talked about that and how we could commit a person like that... and you wouldn't believe it. That day literally four hours or so after we met a new guy on the street. We talked with him for a little and he accepted to hear us for a little. For every first lesson we talk about church and why we should go and then ask them to come to church. And his reasons why he couldn't come were WORD FOR WORD what my companion had said...and with that we were able to talk and he eventually said yes he wanted to go. He showed up to church before we did and later told us he loved it and can't wait for next week.

This was an amazing experience for me and I just love the things I can learn from my companion. Or more than that what you can learn when you study with someone. With that my invitation for you guys is to maybe read a scripture or a talk with someone in your family. Or do a family home evening and see what you can learn when it's not just your mind talking but others too. Revelation can come to us through others just as well as through ourselves and I have learned that more than just once here on the mission. I love you guys and enjoy the cold as it's hot again down here!!


Elder Babcock

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