Monday, February 8, 2016

Another baptism

What an awesome week! We had lots of cool lessons and the teaching and language are getting better every day! My study of the scriptures has changed from a "rule" to a "habit" and I love learning from the ancient prophets.

This week was the bautimision that I talked about the last email, where the whole mission plans in advance to try and baptize people on this day. Leading up to the bautimision we have been teaching the couple P. and M. When we first met with them they had lots of problems. They couldn't read or write. They weren't married. They almost don't have any money. They live far away from Espinal. And he smoke and drank. Normally with something like that it might be easy to think yeah let's go look for someone else, someone with less problems. But the reality is that these problems are what led them to Christ and to making the decision to be baptized.

This week they had a little party with their family and we knew there would be alcohol and cigarettes. We had talked lots with them before that well they should leave that stuff. That it's not true happiness and that the temptation would come but they should be strong and stay clean. Well we talked with them Saturday night and come to find out that M. had no problems and that P. asked his family to drink outside, or throw the alcohol out. Wooo! We were so happy to hear him say that he stayed strong and didn't drink or smoke. But not only that. He separated himself from this and then invited his family to come to his baptism this coming Sunday. I love the good and amazing things the gospel can bring to the lives of people and the ways it can change them.

This Sunday as we went to the river as the branch of Espinal we talked a little with them and they could only say, it's time. Finally. How powerful and wonderful are these people. Another awesome blessing that we had during this week was the weather. The past couple days has been awful. Lots of rain and clouds. And well to baptize outside normally yeah it's cold. But this Sunday we had nothing but sun. How awesome is that when today is raining and cold also. After the baptism we all went and had some food in the church and hermana M. couldn't stop smiling and kept saying "I feel different, but a good different."

I love this work so much and the blessings that I have the chance to receive. Helping people to have this true happiness. My one challenge for all of you at home is to do something like P. did. Maybe if you have the chance invite someone to leave sin behind and come to church. The family of P. is a new family we are currently teaching and it all started with that invitation to come unto Christ.

I love you all and be happy!!

Elder Babcock

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