Monday, February 1, 2016


Another week, another email (; first off where did January go? And second who is still doing their New Year's resolution? jajaja... This week in Mexico was awesome. The weather can't decide if it was to be good or bad so every other day is rainy and the rest are super hot.

This following Sunday my mission is having a thing called the "bautimision". We picked this date like two months ago and all the missionaries have been working really hard to baptize on this date. Like all the other missionaries, Elder C. and me have been working to bring our investigators to the waters of baptism this day. And well with this I had a really awesome experience. The people that I'm sure I have talked about in letters before, P. and M., are the people we have been focusing on for this date to visit and teach more to prepare them to be baptized. We visited them one day with the intention to talk about the Word of Wisdom which with them was tough. We showed up and started talking about it, what it is, why it's important and about the blessings, and well M. started to cry in the middle of the lesson. We waited a little in silence and asked what was wrong. She told us that P. had thrown out all his alcohol about two weeks ago and said he wasn't going to drink because "the brothers don't like it when we drink." She said that he has changed as a person. More kind, more loving, more quick to serve and help someone out. He took our challenge to live the Word of Wisdom and said he feels better without the beer anyway. P. is a person that has been prepared for the gospel. We have the papers and we are going to get them married this Friday and then baptize this Sunday (more guajolote jajaja).

They have been a huge example to me and with changes being in two weeks I would be very sad to leave this area. They always have oranges or little Mexican snacks and candies. They are sad when we don't visit and are the first ones to church on Sundays. They have listened to the Book of Mormon on tape and they said they are starting again. These are the investigators that every missionary wants. That religion isn't just something for every Sunday, but an everyday thing. I love this work and I can't even count the blessings. I know this is the true church and that we need to live the commandments always, enduring to the end. I love you guys!

Elder Babcock

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