Monday, May 23, 2016

10 Months

What a week. This past Sunday I hit 10 months in the mission. Like WHAT? I swear I just got here. However I'm really happy that I haven't hit the halfway mark because I don't wanna go home hahaha. I love it here. In fact I'm probably going to come here to live (; hahaha maybe.

This week we had an awesome, awesome lesson with some new people we found. It's a family of four and we had talked with the mom before but never the family. When the member of the Seventy came to visit he told us to focus in the fathers, and doing so we would find more success. We went to visit the hermana one day and share a small message with her. After about ten or so minutes her husband came in, and from that time we focused completely on him and his needs and problems. It ended up being a very spiritual lesson leaving all in tears... yeah my companion made me cry with his crazy personal story of the priesthood. And in fact it made me think of how blessed I was growing up to have such amazing friends and family members who actively and worthily administered their priesthood authority. I absolutely admire my dad and my brother and thank them for that.

But yeah this week was great! Today we went to the Christ statue. It was super fun and we went as a zone. A good two hours of climbing and we made it there! The sight was beautiful and the statue was huge! Except that part of his beard fell off. Oops. hahaha anyway I love you and miss you but the time will go by faster than you know it! To those of you that have the priesthood in any shape or form I would encourage you to use it worthily and actively. It'll bless the lives of others as well as yours!!


Elder Babcock

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