Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Normas de excelencia

It feels cliche to say that the weeks keep going by faster but it's true hahaha. This week was amazing and filled with some pretty awesome things. One of the first things is that our neighbor (who is a member of the church) turned 14 and my companion and I made he and his family an American breakfast of french toast and bacon. We also started this week with the goal to complete these things we have called "normas de excelencia". Basically they are the [norms or goals] that we should strive to complete every week. Some are more difficult than others and so we thought it would be a good goal to complete the new investigators number which is 12 new people. This was a real challenge for us. We normally ranged from 7 to 9 a week but we were firm with this goal. We ended up talking to EVERYBODY in the streets during the day and visiting every member for references. And who would've thunk that we were able to reach 16 new investigators this week?

Last letter I talked a lot about my awesome companion Elder Rangel and well he continues to be awesome. I give the majority of the credit to the news to him as he works like a machine (here in our mission all the locals call the missionaries who work really hard "toros"... i guess you could say my comp is a toro). I want to share a cool experience we had with contacting in the street the other day. We were looking for a family and were asking all the houses on the street if they knew where we could find them. One of the houses we knocked at a girl answered and said she had no idea. We started to talk about the restoration and about how important a living prophet is. She got super excited and actually asked us to talk more inside. We talked about church with her and she said she would love to go. Fast forward to Sunday morning and we called asking if she was going to come. She told us yes but not alone. Her mom is best friends with some members. The family brought her and her family to church this week. It was amazing to see that the family that never went when we invited them was willing not just to go but bring their friends to come learn about the church.

I love what this gospel does to people and how it changes their lives. I've seen it first hand bless and change lives, together with the Book of Mormon. We had a busy Monday so we weren't able to go to these really cool waterfalls in Altotonga a little town close by. But maybe in the coming weeks!!! I love you all and you'll probably see my face on the social media of my family this coming Sunday and we get to chat. Last but not least super props to my bro for being "almost" married. Only like 5 more days. It feels like yesterday I chucked the butterknife in his forehead and now he's getting married! Alma 38:5.


Elder Babcock


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