Monday, June 27, 2016

Heading towards the one year mark in Teziutlan

Well for the weekly letter, this week went by extremely fast and it also was time for changes!! We had an awesome time as all the missionaries in Teziutlan got together and we had an awesome dinner waiting for the changes to come. The surprise came when most of us aren't changing!! I am going to stay with Elder Guzman for another change and most of my district stays the same. Elder de Groff is going to Xalapa where he will finish his last change. Elder Cobox will now be in my district as he's going to Altotonga. I'm super stoked to see him again.

I'm really excited to spend another change here as I'm going to hit the one year mark this change!! Crazy how fast the time is flying. A bunch of elders that had about my time in the mission when I started are going home and I'm here like I still wanna stay. I'm not ready to leave yet hahahaha. We had a taco fest as a district because Elder de Groff is leaving. Sad to see my buddy go, but he's going to do work in Xalapa. I truly love this work. Through the good times and the bad times it's always been a blessing and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.


Elder Babcock

Little Jerry Seinfeld

I was challenged to take some shots at the fair.

Voladores ("flyers")

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