Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A baptism

What a week! The days are going by faster and faster. It seems like I'm studying in the morning and then boom it's 9 and we are heading home. The whole day is a blur and the work is going along great! This week we had a baptism. Camila is her name and we found her through her mom. Her mother is a less active who after a couple of lessons with us as well as her best friend.... the president of Relief Society.... is now very active and that brought up the question. Elders, would you want to teach and baptize my daughter? And well after a couple of weeks of teaching and such she was ready! Now Camila is super cool when compared to other 9-year-old girls because during our teachings and about invitations to read the Book of Mormon and pray she took them seriously. She has read all the way to Alma in the Book of Mormon and always wants to pray when we leave. She has been an awesome example to me of what people who want the gospel in there life can do once they have it.

Now for the last little part of my letter I want to talk about the Day of the Dead and my experience with that. Well for starters it's on November 1st and 2nd.  During this time everybody and even the stray dogs go to the cemetery. There are two types of foods that are very common at this time and that's "pan de los muertos" y tamales. Pan de los muertos is a type of bread they make only around this time of the year. And well personally I think it should stay that way. It was good but there is un chorro de tipos de pan aqui en mexico... and the bread of the dead just doesn't stack up against cream filled breads and piƱa bread. Now as for the tamales.. Wow. I have never had so many tamales in my life as I ate yesterday and today. In total about 15 or so. These people love their tamales and well so do i (; also they kinda but not really celebrate Halloween. On the 31st around the safe neighborhoods little packs of 10 or so kids with maybe a mask and sometimes nothing go around just screaming in the street asking for candy. Anyway life is really good down in Mexico and the weather is still hot as ever. Spanish is going great and well life goes on! Nos vemos!


Elder Babcock

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