Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eating armadillo

What a fun and wild week it's been out in Mexico. The first thing to note is that the language is coming along great. There's every now and then when I don't understand a couple words but for the most part I'm understanding pretty well. As with teaching, for every person that lets us in to teach there's a good ten or so that shut the doors or put better don't answer their doors and just peek through the blinds. It's sad, that some people just aren't ready for the gospel quite yet. But one day hopefully. Another sad thing in my mission at the moment is that my companion only has two more changes left. It's helped me in a funny way. That I kinda have to be the "mayor compaƱero" and work as hard as we can. It's helped me with the Spanish. I'm trying to get new investigators and well I wanna have success in the mission.

Today we had a really cool experience with food. We got a call from an hermano in the ward that wanted to make us food for today. Because normally p days we don't get fed. Well we show up and he sits us down. Doesn't say what the food is and just puts plates down in front of us with this weird colored meat. Like almost tan colored but brown too. idk It was weird. Not the normal yellow chicken or carne. Anyway we start eating and it was actually really good. And then he comes out with the shell of an armadillo and is like ever seen one of these before? And then he tells us that we were eating armadillo. Freaked me out a little but well it really wasn't that bad. (;

Last thing for this week. Here in Mexico they started selling these little Mexican yoyo top things called trompos. They are super cool and you can do little tricks with them. and well being the gringo that wants to be Mexican I got one and learned some little tricks. In American money they cost like $0.60 and it's like super expensive to the little kids. It's funny to see their faces when you buy them one as its like you just got them an xbox or something.

But life here is good and the food even better! I'm honestly happy, and I have much more joy and peace in my life here in Mexico. Not that I didn't have it in my life in my house, its a different type of joy and peace and I have only found this in one way. And that's through the scriptures and prayer. My challenge for all of you at home is if you don't read the scriptures daily to try it. Be part of the "Whimpy Verse Club" as brother Anderson always said. Say a prayer read some verses and I know from experience that your day will somehow be better than if you didn't do so. It's my promise to you! Love you all so much and enjoy the cold as its still really hot here.


Elder Babcock

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