Monday, November 9, 2015

Primary program in Coatzintla

The days are going by faster and faster and well I hope it doesn't go by too fast. This week included a very powerful zone class, divisions with my district leader where we were confronted by [representatives of another religion] in the street and had to straighten them out (no es cierto),
Teaching English, the Primary program and the best of them all--Mexican cheese!

It was early in the week when we had our zone class and our zone leaders are awesome. One is from Chihuahua and the other is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Both have lots of time in the mission and both are very passionate about the work. Elder R., the one from Utah, was talking to us about D&C Section 4, which is like our theme here in the mission field. But he was talking about how we have to serve with all our might, mind and strength that this isn't just a try and hope for the best thing, that we only have a little time to devote 24/7 to the Lord and we need to try our best to do so.

The very next day I was on divisions with Elder D., my buddy from Spring City and my mountain climbing friend. Together we set off to find some new people in my area. Now after meeting one person and almost to the door of the other person we were stopped by two [representatives of another religion]. And well lets just say we lost about an hour and a half of our time talking with them as they are closed-minded and well don't have the truth. But there was one time during our talk where right after Elder D. shared something I jumped in and shared my testimony about it before they could respond and well they didn't say anything for a little while. It was at this time we left them with a little pamphlet and gave them our numbers if they ever wanted to talk again. We haven't heard from them.

Next part of the week was teaching English to the youth. Wow. English is hard and I'm glad I got to learn it when I was younger. All the weird rules and everything. Phew it was a rough hour or so. This week in ward of Coatzintla we had our Primary program. Guess how many youth there were?... nope probably lower that what you guess. 11 kids! Yup only 11. However you might think that with only 11 kids the funny little things that happen during a Primary program wouldn't happen. Nah they still do and well it was great to reminisce a little about the ones back home. The best part of this one was the little girl who picked her nose at the pulpit reading her part, yikes! To end the week we had a small lesson Sunday night with a member and for our dessert she brought us out some cheese.... yeah cheese. It's called "ebra"? and it's almost like string cheese, just in a huge ball and haha it was good just a little weird!

Hope all is well in gringolandia and you are all reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! In my personal study this week I focused on the first couple chapters of 3rd Nephi and I really loved chapters 3 and 4. They talk about the experiences of the Nephites when they were fighting the ladrones de Gadianton.. (; and well I loved how it described them as ONE during this time and how although the Gadianton robbers were strong and fierce and had all sorts of power, it didn't have any power over them. I know if we are unified, as families, friends, a church in general that we too will be watched over and protected from the adversary.

Love you all!!!

Elder Babcock

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