Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nine months

Well the week came and passed by like the career of Max Hall. Everything is amazing here in San Juan. I am coming to love the members here as well as my super amazing companion. He is always looking to serve people, whether it's other missionaries or the members or even the niños. He's an amazing example and I really look up to him.

We played some basketball with some members today and also were able to try a food called "green mole" o "mole verde". We spent the morning cleaning the house 'cause we recently moved! Still living in suitcases and it's swell. This week we went to visit a reference that we had. Expecting him to reject us like the majority of the people here in San Juan we asked if we could share a small message about Christ and his restored church. And it was crazy, he not only said yes, but brought all the people of his family to listen and we are now teaching all of them. It's sad 'cause I was the one saying he's not gonna answer or let us in but my awesome comp insisted and insisted until we went. And now they are doing great!

I've been working since then to have more faith with the people I visit. I don't know their lives or what they need, but our Heavenly Father does. And if we don't visit they won't have the chance to feel his love. The Book of Mormon is true and I love love love reading it every day! I know the church is true and that I'm truly happy because of it. I love preaching the gospel and helping people to come unto Christ and feel his love.

This past week I hit 9 months in the mission, and I'm sad that it's passing so fast and I don't want it to end. It's truly the best 2 years (or 9 months right now hahaha). Go share the gospel with someone new!!!! The Lord is preparing his people.


Elder Babcock

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