Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Working with members in Xiutetelco

Wowwww! Another week passed and I'm here again at the computer writing another letter. What's up world? This week was [great] and I'm loving Mexico. We recently have been working tons with two people who are looking great for their baptismal dates for the 10th and the 24th! I'm super stoked as we have had quite a few dates fall here in San Juan, a lot more than we would like. But we keep working and hoping for the best.

Happy Fourth of July for all you great and lovely people! I'm sure you all enjoyed your firework shows. Here in the United States of Mexico this holiday doesn't exist. It's crazy to think that a year ago I was in the parade for Wellsprings Pediatrics and Dr. Rich and now I'm in Mexico! Like whaaat? I also just finished filling out my visa papers again. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that means I've almost hit one year in the mission. Crazy right? I still don't believe it, and don't want to believe it, but life goes on. It's scary to think that in one year I'll be in my house again. I actually don't wanna go back. I love this work and I love Mexico (especially the food).

This Sunday we had an awesome visit by the second counselor of the stake presidency. He told us he feels sad in our ward that the people don't want to go to church and don't want to help out us or even the other members. So we are going to focus a bunch them as well as us to help out the members this week. I truly miss that about my home ward. Any person, any time of the day you could ask them for help and they would help you. Put their fellow ward members first. And here its a little different. But little by little we are going to help Xiutetelco change for the better 'cause the members really are great, just need a little push to get started!

I truly love this work and I know this church is true. We as members we aren't. But the church is and everything it stands for and teaches will help us in our lives to become more like Christ. That's why it's HIS church. I love you all and stay strong! The hard times always seem less hard with prayer and with lots of faith!!


Elder Babcock

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