Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Escundriñar las escrituras

This week I started something new. Apart of my normal studies I'm reading the Book of Mormon again, but instead of finishing as fast as I can, I'm reading it one chapter a day, and writing my thoughts and feelings about the verses and what I'm learning. I love the change it's brought to the Book of Mormon. It's now much more than reading. The word in Spanish is "escundriñar." It's like study and ponder.

This Sunday all of Mexico had a special conference where Elders Robert D. Hales and Russell M. Nelson talked to us about the commandments and how it's important live all of them. Elder Nelson spoke Spanish and it was surprising to hear his normal voice in a different language. Maybe that's how I sound to the people here hahaha. What I did love was how they talked about the progression of the church here in Mexico. They talked about the long time it took to start building temples and schools of the church. And then to the MTC in Mexico City and now 13 temples. Something special about my mission is that I have come to completely love the people here. I love love these people. They are so special and loving.

Sorry for the short letter as we have a lesson in like 10 minutes. I love you all and keep reading the Book of Mormon!!! Read it slow and ponder what the verses mean to you. LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Elder Babcock

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