Thursday, February 16, 2017

Importance of agency

Sorry I don't have much to say! This week was great! We went on Friday to Teziutlan to have our conference and the Wednesday before we had our interviews with our mission president. HE'S SO GREAT! Seriously you can feel his love and desire to have us be better and better every day. It feels like I have another mom and dad that's how much they worry and care about us! Just so you all know yesterday marks only 5 months more until I come home! WAYYYY TOOO FAST! hahaha

Anyway just a quick thing that happened the other day. There is this recent convert here who has only 2 months as a member and ever since he received the Holy Ghost hasn't come back. He's 16 and didn't feel like the church was for him. When we first started talking we told him you have to do it. We miss you in church and we need you there. And he just kept saying no no no and no. While my comp was talking I felt prompted to talk about the power of the sacrament. What blessings it brings to our lives. Instead of fighting with him and telling him he HAS to go we taught about the sacrament and then invited him to go. This time he didn't feel pressure and even told us, I didn't know that and I feel better and I want to go.

I learned you CANNOT argue or try to tell someone they're wrong. What we CAN do is teach and invite and hope they are ready to act. Using your agency is the best way to receive and lose blessings. Use it wisely! It's the best gift we have as children of God. I love you all and miss you dearly! Have a great week!!

Elder Babcock

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