Monday, February 6, 2017

D&C 6

Lots to say but at the same time it's just the same old same old. The new prayer house is done and we had services this Sunday there. I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! Next week though! Had some amazing miracles this past week. One being a lesson Sunday night with two older ladies. We had walked around trying to find a family for a good 30 minutes and never found them. We asked an older lady and she told us she didn't know. We asked to share something with her and she accepted!! We taught the lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and did the invitation to be baptized which they both accepted! In fact they asked if they would have to go to Martinez to go to church (it's an hour away) when we told them no they got so happy and said good 'cause it would be hard to go. They said something that touched my heart; the mother said that she had prayed to God asking Him to send someone to teach her about Him earlier that morning. HOW COOL!!! And then to top it all off, the daughter (who is like 55ish) said that when she was 13 her family was talking to the missionaries. Her father died and they stopped talking to the missionaries. She told us she wants to learn more and wants to do this for her dad who never got to! I cannot wait to teach the plan of salvation and temple work with her!! I love this work so much!! Miracles every day and lots of amazing experiences. It's sad to think I'm finishing in 5 months. Until them you have to work D&C 6. I love and miss you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Babcock

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