Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back to Xalapa for training

What a crazy fast week. This week not much super crazy happened, however I was able to do two baptismal interviews for my buddy Elder Bigelow. They baptized two people on Saturday and were confirmed on Sunday. It's really cool getting to know the investigators of other areas and all. This week I'm going with the other companionship of my district in some day long divisions. I'll finally be in a big city! HAHAHA! Actually this week I'm going to Xalapa for a leadership conference. Tuesday morning I'm going to my old stopping grounds to listen to our mission president and his assistants. I  honestly really miss being there, BUT I completely love it here. This place is really touristy and there are lots of FRENCH people. The other day we met a family of 8 all from France. They are all SUPER BLONDES hahahah with blue eyes. Anyway sorry for the short letter. I'm happy to say that in two days I'll complete 19 months in the mission and in a couple weeks I'll only be missing 4 months! The time goes so fast and with getting the college stuff in order it feels like the end is a lot closer but it's nice that I still have 3 changes! I love you all and have a great week! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Elder Babcock

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