Sunday, March 12, 2017

New companion

Another really quick week has passed by. Maybe because when you're busy time flies or maybe because I'm writing on Saturday who knows! The good news is that I will be training another new missionary! I'm going to Xalapa on Monday and I'll spend my day there. I'm really excited for a new missionary and I'm looking forward to more "posterity" as they call it in the mission. As of now I have 4 "sons" and 4 "grandsons". My old comp Elder AviƱa will also be training so looks like 1 more of each! HAHAHA!

We had an English class this week with an investigator and tons of her friends, namely 12 friends, most of which accepted an appointment with us and are open to go to church on Sunday! I guess we will see (; HAHA I don't have much to say as I spent Wednesday through Friday in other areas of my zone in divisions and house cleaning checks and interviews! It'll be nice to have this first week with my new comp to work! Anyway I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I'll send a small email on Tuesday with a pic of me and my comp!


Elder Babcock

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