Friday, March 3, 2017

Never judge a book by its cover

This past week was a HUGE eye opener. To start to week off I had a leadership training in Xalapa!! That was a true tender mercy as I was able to go and visit the family I had spent 8 weeks teaching in Xalapa to find out that they are all baptized (: Truly touched my heart to see the changes in their lives.The mom is already a secretary in Relief Society and the dad is young men's advisor. HOW COOL!

Now for the actual leadership training. It was a well needed spiritual boost for this week. We learned about serving and loving instead of ruling and controlling. That's how we work with investigators so why not with missionaries too, huh? I've seen a big difference in my calls with my district and they are all starting to have more success so everyone wins, right??

The big thing that happened this past week was that two new people came to church, but not just any person. One older investigator and one new one. It was really cool how it all happened. So there is this woman, she's like 40ish, and her husband died like 5 years ago. She's not living the Word of Wisdom. Just for background knowledge she has been taught by the missionaries for over 3 months... Ok? Now one day we were talking with her and she said she had a friend who needs God more in her life so she took us to visit her friend. We show up and she was very nice and gave us tacos al pastor which is always a win. We started talking and when we invited her to church she said maybe. She wasn't so sure about it. When randomly her friend says c'mon let's go together! We thought they were joking around so we finished the lesson and ended inviting to them to come which they both said they would. Fast forward to Sunday and they both showed up, on time, with their Books of Mormon ready to learn. In the first hour they both had tears in their eyes and after the services they said we cant wait to come back next week! The last person I would expect to not only come to church but to give a referral did it, so don't ever judge someone! She told us that she hasn't had alcohol in almost a week and has a goal in March to not drink or smoke! We hope to be able to help her and her friend to learn more and keep progressing!

Sorry for the long letter but it was a really cool experience for me (: have a great week and enjoy the cold weather in Utah!!!


Elder Babcock

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