Monday, April 3, 2017

Lessons from conference

I completely forgot to send a weekly email last week. FORGIVE ME!!! This last week was completely amazing! I loved every second and have learned so much this past week. First off we had general conference. It's such a blessing to hear from the servants of the Lord. It touched my heart this weekend as every single of my questions was answered and then some! I wish it could be general conference every week. One of the greatest moments with conference was President Monson's talk about the Book of Mormon. We had an investigator who was still fighting with her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She walked out of that session saying I'm going to get to work and read. She will be baptized this coming Saturday in the ocean!!!!!! I'm soooooo stoked! It's Silvia the sister from the don't judge a book by its cover email. She's so great and has progressed ten fold. She's a true example of how the gospel changes us and molds us to live more righteously. I know this message that we share is true. I know it because our branch is small, tiny even, not many members go or help out much. They live far away. Yet through the spirit Silvia has received her testimony of the church. Another great thing that happened is some elders in my district baptized this Sunday. How amazing was it to see the eyes of the non-member father watch his 16-year-old son be baptized and then say I felt something so special when he came out of the water. He's now talking daily with the missionaries! HOW COOL RIGHT?? This is a work of miracles and love and I enjoy every second. I'm going to miss it DEARLY! To any missionaries or future missionaries TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY SECOND!! You never know how fast the time will pass. I love you all and pray for you!!!! have a great week!!!!

Elder Babcock

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