Monday, April 18, 2016

Getting to work in San Juan

This week was a dandy. A lot of things happened. Like Elder Rangel and I were visited by our president for interviews as well as he came to join us at church this Sunday. We also recently changed houses and now we have a third story suite..and it's pretty sweet. Hahahaha we also found quite a few new people to teach and constantly looking for new people.

Here in San Juan everything is dirt cheap. Like an order of tacos is only 12 pesos..that's like less than a dollar. Yeah it's amazing. Also there's a type of quesadilla that they sell here called "gringas locas" and they are absolutely perfection. We also did a lot of service this week. First was cleaning the church building with all the youngsters here in San Juan. Cutting a lawn with a machete and getting bit by a bunch of angry ant-mosquito things were the highlights. We also helped with cutting another family's lawn, this time with a weed-whacker. And the last thing we did was buying tacos for a poorer family and helping them clean the house up (including the dishes).

We had a really awesome experience with a joven in the ward. He came with us while we went teaching and there's this family that we have gone lots of times but don't really wanna hear us. But this day they opened up and were touched when this young man shared his testimony and invited them to family home evening with this family. It's funny because his mom made him go with us, and in the end he helped us out more than we could thank him. Everyone in this world is being prepared in different ways and all the members of the church need to do their part to invite others to come unto Christ. Without this joven on that day I'm sure they wouldn't have opened up. Don't be scared to share your testimony and invite a friend or family member to come to church or an activity. They could accept and not giving them chance would be holding back blessings from this person.

I think of the story of Abinadi and that he had no fear in preaching the gospel. Now none of you have to worry as the outcome will not be the same. I promise you that. (death by fire) BUT I promise you that someone will be touched and changed. (like Alma) I challenge you all to go out and invite someone new to come to church or maybe go visit a family with the missionaries. I know you'll feel amazing. Sorry for the small letter the words just aren't flowing today. It's been a busy past week. I love you all and hope everything is a sweet as the soda is here.


Elder Babcock



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