Monday, April 4, 2016

Transfer to Teziutlan

Well this week went by super fast and ended the most amazing way that it could've. First off we had transfers and I'm going to a place called Teziutlan that actually is in the state of Puebla. It's super cold so it'll be just like Utah...minus the snow. Nevertheless I'm stoked! With these transfers I got moved to finish the training of an elder of the same generation as my [current companion] and also as the new district leader! I'm super excited for what more things I'm going to learn and serve more people.

Now with all that said we also had a baptism this week!!! Woooooo it was super amazing. Conference and a baptism is like perfect Sunday if you ask me. The girl we baptized has been waiting over a year for permission to do it. We spent the past week talking with her parents a lot and well they gave us the green light and we all went to the river. How powerful and beautiful with the branch and her family. The truth is I dont want to leave this place. So many amazing people and memories. When I first learned I was going to Espinal I thought oh great.. the goma (which is slang for like middle of nowhere) I don't wanna go.. There's no stores and it's a small branch. There's no chapel... BUT after more than four months of my time as a missionary here I have come to love love love love this place. It's 100% because of the people.

Now for conference. Wooooow was it amazing. Super powerful and also planching all the get married (minus my brother, props to him *applaud emoji*) also how often do we get to hear the words Chewbacca or selfie said in the same talk? One of my favorite talks was Pres. Uchtdorf in the priesthood session (sorry i listened in Spanish so I'll try to translate...) he said build bridges, don't destroy them, even when you're not at fault, ESPECIALLY when you're not at fault. How easy is it to say well he made me mad or she did this or that and try to justify our actions. We know that every person will be judged for HIS OR HER actions in the day of judgment. Show your love for someone who did you wrong and you will find it easier to forgive and love this person. Another amazing talk (also in the priesthood session) by Stephen W. Owen who talked about leaders and followers. He asked who is the best leader... obviously our Savior Jesus Christ. And then he said well who is the best follower... the same answer. our beloved Redeemer. I loved how he connected being a leader and being a follower and how the two go hand in hand.

I love this gospel and I love missionary work. I love this church and I hope I can bring more people unto Christ through his church. Goodbye to the warm weather of Espinal and hello to the super cold weather of Teziutlan.


Elder Babcock

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