Monday, April 11, 2016

New area, new companion, new state, new responsibilities

How goes life there in the states? I recently have moved states as I'm now in Puebla! (it's still the same mission but there's one part that's in Puebla). My new companion is Elder Rangel! He's generation buddies with Elder Aviña and he's amazing. He's the only member of his family and he has a super strong testimony. I love the guy to death and we only have one week together.

My new area like I said before is San Juan Xiutetelco (shoo-teh-tell-co). It's lots bigger than Espinal and I really like it here. The majority of the people are [of another religion] and the people aren't too open to hearing us. BUT that didn't get us down as we are still working hard and trying our best. The next biggest town close by is Jalacingo. It's literally the same big city just separated by the state line of Veracruz and Puebla. There's a little river that divides the states as well as the towns. We joke around that we walk long ways as we teach in two states almost every day hahahaha. With this change I have the chance to be a district leader and with that comes interviewing people who are ready for baptism within your district. Lucky me with day number three of district leader it was my turn. I was super nervous and scared about how I would do or if I could even do it. Let's just say the three interviews were amazing. You could truly feel the spirit enter the room as they began to share their desires and all they have done to be baptized. It was a super cool experience and I'm really happy I'll get to do more of them.

Besides that not much more happened this week. I'm still getting to know the area and the members. It's a ward and the church building is a sight for sore eyes... hahahaha (; i love you all and enjoy the weather. Here in San Juan it's actually almost the same as Utah. It's really cold in the mornings and then more or less warm in the afternoon. It's also dry here with mountains. So it's almost like Utah. My one challenge would be to dedicate a little more time of your day to reading the scriptures. Something as small as 10 minutes and you could've read two chapters of the Book of Mormon and find the answer to what you're facing right now. They say we talk to our Heavenly Father through prayers, and the way he talks to us is through the scriptures. Give him the chance to show you something new.


Elder Babcock

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