Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Keep your covenants

What's up new friends, family, random dude searching the internet? Another week has passed here in the mission and it was a great one! This week the stake presidency asked up to help out the ward with some special activities and visit less active members to help them come back to church. Sadly our ward suffers from a lack of priesthood holders. Normally every Sunday my companion or myself, or both of us have to bless and help with the sacrament. It's sad as in our ward alone there are 10 families complete who have been sealed in the temple, and yet they don't want to come to church or help out with the ward activities. It's so sad to see that people have done so much and come so far just to leave it all behind.

In the baptismal interview the final question basically asks if they are prepared to take upon them the name of Christ and keep his commandments always. Our job as missionaries is invite others to come unto Christ, but not only through baptism but also through repentance, faith, enduring to the end. These are fundamentals to the growth and progress of anyone in the church. And well Elder Guzman and myself have had some amazing lessons and chances to talk with members and help them feel this same spirit they felt 10-15 or even sometimes up to 20 years ago when they were active.

I love this work and I love the gospel. I know it's true for that reason I'm here. Keep strong in what you're doing now. Be a better person today than you were yesterday. Work hard to live your baptismal covenant and if you've made bigger covenants then focus on those as well. This gospel is too precious and perfect to push to one side for wordly happiness. I love you all!

Elder Babcock

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