Monday, July 18, 2016

Transfer to Xalapa

What a super week. This week we had two amazing days of divisions. I went to work with Elder Valdez and then next to work with Elder Cobox, my old companion! Brought back some great memories and cool to see how far we´ve come as missionaries!

The next awesome thing that happened was that we had a family night in the ward where we learned how to index in Family Search. I know, at first nobody was excited. In fact everyone wanted to leave, every excuse you can think of was used. But in the end it was super cool and the most people ended up finding lots of cool people and you could definately feel the spirit there.

Then we had our Sunday services in which yours truly gave a killer talk with a bunch of planchas (lol) about the Mexico Area plan. Afterwards the stake president gave a talk and told us that in the three talks that were given before you used to word guide and serve more than thirty times. He told us we need to be people who guide and serve others to the blessings we have received. I was like, well that's why I'm here! But as members it should be the same thing. Serve and guide those who don't know the truth or have fallen away from it.

And well the last amazing thing that happened actually happened today in the morning! I got a call from the mission president and he wants me to come work in the offices as his secretary! Been serving in the Mexico Xalapa Mission and it took one year until I finally made it to Xalapa! But I'm super excited and super happy! I already know my comp. He used to be in my district and it's going to be a riot up in the offices. He's from Merida and actually he knows Brother Sorenson who teaches seminary in Stansbury. Small world right? Anyway I'm super happy for the change, I'm sad to leave behind San Juan and Elder Guzman but I know this is a super blessed area and they are going to do just fine when I'm not there! I love this work and I know this church is true! Blessings come with obedience and sacrifices!


Elder Babcock

Skunk tacos

My face when I found out I was transferring to Xalapa

Divisions with Elder Valdez

My brother on his mission in Mexico in 2013--funny how we took similar pictures!

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