Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The will of God

This week went by too fast. We have been getting super busy in the offices. End of the month and end of changes are when it's most crazy here. Poor Elder Ix is always busy. He's the financial secretary and has to deal with LOTS of stuff. He said he's ready to leave the offices hahahaha. I actually really love being in the offices. Although it's tough at times to be only allowed the afternoon to go teach people it really makes you prioritize your time and who you visit. We spent two days in immigration making sure our missionaries don't get deported.

We also did divisions and for those of you who know Andy Oblad from my ward, well I got to spend 24 hours with his son, Elder Bowen, who is an amazing dude. I got burned so bad while with him. #walkingfordays I got to meet his investigators and some new people. We were searching for a family (who we both think gave a fake address) and eventually contacted this one house. The husband and wife came out in Morelia jerseys (a soccer team in Mexico, close to where my brother served his mission). We got talking a little outside about the team and other things, like the Olympics. Everyone asks if I'm watching and I'm like no., and they say too bad 'cause the US is winning. Someone will have to tell me if that's true or not hahaha. But after a little while he invited us in the house and we talked a good thirty minutes. Just a normal first talk with him. By the end he had accepted our invitation to come to church and to be baptized.

That night we were watching some Mormon messages on our little DVD player that the mission gave us and one of them is called "The Will of God". I love love love this video and would recommend it to all of you at home. We thought of our experience earlier that day. That the reference we had looked awesome. A family that wanted to listen to us. And when we couldn't find it, I'll be honest we both got a little upset. Like we were trying so hard, contacting all the houses how is it that we couldn't find them. But that well maybe it wasn't the right time and God had different plans for us.

God has a plan for us as well as all of his children and knows the best times and ways for us to grow. I love this work!! This Monday I completed 13 months in the mission and the time is going way too fast. It seriously seems like in no time I'll be home. This time last year I was in my final week in the MTC. Crazy huh? I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!!! 'Hold tight, knuckle white!' -Brother Lawrence


Elder Babcock

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