Sunday, August 7, 2016

Watch out for Earl

Well another couple days have passed and I'm writing on Saturday! Because the new missionaries show up on Monday and well I have to help them out with all their paperwork. Gonna be a long Monday but today was an awesome P-day! We were able to go to this anthropology museum in Xalapa which I found out is like the second biggest in all of Mexico! Got to see tons of statues and paintings from the ancient people of the state of Veracruz. We got in for only 25 pesos as Elder Ix still had his student card and they let us in as students! This place was HUGE and we spent a good two hours there. We met TONS of people speaking English and actually found two families, one from Washington state and the other from Michigan who both served their missions here back 20 years. They said it's worth the sacrifice of time to come back after.

Other than that this week has gone by super fast as it's only Saturday. We had some really powerful lessons with one of our investigators who lives with a guy who is already married but waiting to get divorced. We talked with her about baptism, that they should wait until they get married to live together, even if it takes a long time. We were expecting a response like it's not possible but she said she's going to put her faith in the Lord and tell him he has to move out until they get married. She is such a poderosa investigator. Everyone thinks she's a member from her testimony. She told us she wants to stand up this week and bare her testimony! It's been a privilege to be a part the lessons and learn from her as well. Later today we are going to confirm the two baptisms it looks like we will have for tomorrow!! I'm super excited and I'll be sure to shoot some pics on Monday if we do have a baptism.

Not sure if you have heard but there's a tropical storm heading through Xalapa at the moment named "Earl". There has been lots of wind and rain but the WEATHER DEFENDER has kept me dry! hahaha but yeah everything is swell and perfect here! Getting ready for changes has been tough but I've come to love where I'm at. I don't think I've told the normal schedule we have, but it's normally Tuesday through Friday 10am to 2pm in the offices. then the food, and then we leave to work in the streets and visit our investigators. Only Saturday and Sundays we can work all day. Anyway I love you all and I'll send some pics on Monday!! Stay safe and I'll watch out for Earl.


Elder Babcock

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