Monday, August 1, 2016

The importance of sacrifice and service

What is up people!! This was another amazing week and some truly special! This was a great week in the mission and we had some perfect lessons. I want to start talking a little about this little family we found about two weeks ago. Actually they went to another ward for four weeks but we have been able to teach and get to know them as they live in our ward boundaries. It's Guadalupe and Michel. It's a mother and her young daughter, who looks 8 but actually is 12. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. Truly 100% chosen people in this time of their lives for the gospel. It has completely fortified my testimony that there are TONS of people waiting and ready to accept the gospel every day, they just cant find it!! Guadalupe is almost 50 and has been living alone for about five years. She has accepted the gospel and its teachings and boy is she one happy mom! We had a very special talk with them this last Sunday where we asked them about their personal and family prayers and reading the Book of Mormon, and she just started to cry. She told us that the other day we went to visit them, not to teach for too long just a little visit to see how they are and offer some service. She said after we left her daughter asked her, "mom have you felt the difference?" Guadalupe asked her the difference in what? Michel told her that she can feel a true difference in their house from before we started to visit them and now. Guadalupe told us that she too has felt this change and that it's all because of our visits as well as those of the members, and the prayers and scripture reading that they have started to do daily. She told us that in almost six months that nobody had come to visit them, and the fact that us and the members of the ward would be willing to sacrifice our time to visit her truly made and impact on her. that she wants to show that love to other people and help them find this truth as well.

I LOVE THIS WORK. IT'S TRUE AND IT'S WONDERFUL! My current companion if you all don't know is actually named Elder Grundvig, (I just found that out yesterday that elder Ix is in trio with us). I wanted to talk about how cool he is and the example he's given me. For those of you who don't know he's my first gringo companion! WHOOO and he's from Highland, Utah. He went to BYU for a year before the mission but I somehow have found a way to love him for what he's doing now and not his past mistakes (; that's a joke I love all BYU fans. Anyway after a good two weeks of being trained by Elder Grundvig I've learned about his qualities, his strengths and his weaknesses. I'd love to share one of his amazing strengths. He is very very very patient. In my two weeks here I've made LOTS of mistakes and put his patience to the test. However he has never been unwilling to help me or give up his time to help me out. He's an amazing example of what I want to be better at, showing love and being able to wait, while being completely content. I'm truly going to miss him as this coming Tuesday he will be leaving, but we already have plans for after the mission, some soccer, some games, and lots of Nintendo 64.

Anyway I love you all tons and I'm doing really great here! I love this place and I love my mission! Little by little I'm getting to know and love even more my mission president, President Greer and his wife and they are just amazing people. Stay true to the gospel and it will help you get through all your problems!


Elder Babcock

Elder Ix cut his hand so I used my medical assistant skills to patch him up

Pez altar

Which one is Carl and which one is Junior?

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