Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

Well I'm writing on Saturday because the newbies are showing up on Monday and it's my job to help them out and make sure they can stay in the country. Not too much has happened this past week. With the 15th of September we had to be home by 7 p.m. Our ward mission leader brought us provolone and chicken sandwiches and hot dogs from Costco to eat and we had our little weekly chat about the ward. We also have been working with this awesome awesome lady named Mari (that's what people in Yucatan say. It means freak. Elder Ix is always laughing when we are there with her. She's getting baptized tomorrow!!! WOOOOOO! She's so great. Knows everything inside and out and really has a strong testimony. We are going have a special musical number for her and I'm hoping to get a video to send back home.

An elder lent me his ukulele and all my free time has been spent learning hymns. Tomorrow we also are going to have dinner with the assistants and the mission president and his wife. Who knows why but it's going to be a good time. The only thing I wanted to share that happened this week was during a study I did with Elder Ix. We have been switching off between English hymns and Spanish hymns every other day (for those who don't know elder Ix speaks awesome English) but he picked the English hymn #221 Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. Sadly I have forgotten almost all the English hymns, but i loved loved loved singing this hymn. I especially loved the last verse:
Green are the pastures inviting;
Sweet are the waters and still.
Lord, we will answer thee gladly,
"Yes, blessed Master, we will!
Make us thy true under-shepherds;
Give us a love that is deep.
Send us out into the desert,
Seeking thy wandering sheep."

It's amazing how many things you now notice as missionary work that before you hadn't even thought of it. I love being a missionary and although I can't save everyone I see, I'm more than happy knowing that some of the wandering sheep are being brought back to the fold. I love this work and I love you guys!!! Have a great week!!

Elder Babcock

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