Monday, September 5, 2016

Alma 5:62

Awesome week and some awesome new investigators! We recently found this older lady named Celia. Her daughter lives far away, BUT was recently baptized in the church. Within a week the name of Celia was in our referrals. We tried to visit lots of times but she was never home. Until one day we found her! And she opened up her door and said thank goodness you're here.. (obviously she spoke Spanish but it's basically what she said). We stayed more than an hour teaching the entire first lesson, about some commandments and finishing with a baptismal invitation. She told us after all the teachings that this is what she needs in her life. She accepted. This Sunday she was there 20 minutes early waiting for us. She told us that she hasn't had the desire to smoke, or drink alcohol, or drink coffee... (as she was consuming all of those things days before we showed up). She is so amazing. A perfect example of someone that the Lord has worked with to prepare her for us to come and teach. I love missionary work. I hope you all can find some way to be missionaries as each and every member of the church should be. Go out of your way to help someone feel the spirit and you will not regret it. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Babcock

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