Monday, January 30, 2017

A new church building in San Rafael

Another week has passed here in San Rafael, Veracruz and I love it. We had an awesome "capacitacion" I don't know the word in English. Missionary work is changing and it's giving us, the missionaries more freedom and more focus on our goals and what we measure. I loved it a lot! This past Saturday we got the good news that we will finally have a building to have church in!!!! The house was approved and we went to clean. Today they went to paint and knock out some walls and hopefully with coming Sunday we will go there to meet! FINALLY! A prayer house is going to help this area out a lot as it's no longer going to be a porch outside. When it's really cold outside not even members want to go. HOWEVER! now with a house I feel like more members should come.

This week we found a super cool family who's last name is Prince. They are FRENCH! They are all super white and have blue eyes and blonde hair. In fact more blondes than me. The family is super sweet and really amazing people. Seems like in March we should be having a baptism for this family but we will see what happens. Apart from that we had a really cool experience on Thursday. We were walking in the cold knocking on doors trying to find a referral we have when we look into a window and see this little girl. She was super white and has super blue eyes and blonde hair. My comp said we have to knock on that house to see if they are French.. HAHAHA we talked with the father and he let us pass. In 30 minutes we talked about the restoration and about baptism by immersion. They all started to cry and told us if you want to help this family keep sharing your message with us! The mother is French as well as her kids but the husband is from here. I love this gospel and how you can make someone's day better by sharing it. We went on Saturday and they were so happy to see us! In fact someone called and the mom said tell them to call in 30 minutes we are busy learning about God! This is a really cool family that could progress very easily! They love to pray and already love reading the Book of Mormon!

Share the gospel with everyone you know! Not just by talking the talk but by walking the walk! Being an example is the BEST way to show the blessings of the gospel and showing how God wants us to be in this earthly state. I love you all and hope you have a great week!! It's FEB-ALREADY! Enjoy your week and remember to pray always! No matter how unworthy we are of the spirit, his love has no limits. he loves you and wants you back home!!

Elder Babcock

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