Saturday, May 13, 2017

9 weeks left

Well another week has passed and well the mission goes on!!! Sadly not much has happened this week... Andres and Silvia are now working on their own family names to go to the temple soon!!! I'm super stoked for that.. it seems more likely than not that I stay here in San Rafael to finish off the mission.. For those who don't know I now am at the 9 weeks left mark!! 1 and a half changes left! I'm really sad it's coming to an end and maybe that's why I dislike writing on Mondays :p I just want you all to know that I'm really happy and I have LOVED my mission. It has been an amazing experience and I have learned and lived tons of new things and I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. To anyone back home or anyone you might want to share this with.. if you are unsure about what you are going to do from 18-22... GO ON A MISSION. Whatever you have to do get it done because this is a once in a lifetime thing and its sooooo rewarding.. I have not only learned things for myself but helped many others receive the blessings that we as members totally take for granted... Our branch president's wife lost her mother this week... and well its was such a great sacrament meeting.. nobody cried and the spirit was SO strong. We all know she's okay and they will see her again... it made me think about others who may have also lost a family member recently.. do they have this same comfort and peace?? Knowing their loved one is okay? Share the gospel so that our friends and neighbors have the same blessings we have a receive everyday. (: i love you all I can't wait to see you all when I come home..


Elder Babcock

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