Monday, May 1, 2017

Trials and how they benefit us

I have been really bad at writing recently.. However I am loving the mission.. for those who didn't know I stayed with my young child Elder Chavez. I have to be honest he's one of my favorite comps and it's because I have been able to see his progress.. I won't ever forget our first lesson together... but he's come a VERY long way and I love being able to teach him as well as learn from him. He's not a very outgoing person but he has lots of insight for only being 18 years old. It seriously makes me so awestruck to think this is my comp of 18 years old and I think he doesn't know that much... JOSEPH SMITH WAS 14!! The message of the restoration has touched many hearts this passed week but especially Brother Andres! He was sad as the members went to the temple two Saturdays ago however he was able to be baptized two days ago! He is super happy and truly loves the Book of Mormon! He was a referral from Silvia, who was baptized about 3 weeks ago.. the first time we visited him was my last Sunday with Elder Hurtado.. and now he's a member of the church!!

Quick story about something really really cool that happened this week.. we were walking in the center of the town contacting when my comp said he wanted to go with this sister we are teaching.. she has a lot of health problems and is in a wheelchair and can't move by herself.. where she lives is kinda far from center but we decided to go. He didn't tell me why he wanted to go just said lets see if she';s home. Turns out she was home and when we came in she started to tear up and said she was just thinking about us and hoping that we could come by! We had a really really really powerful lesson about trials and how they benefit us.. needless to say my comp is a boss and I love him! I love this church and this message that we share I know it's true with all my heart. I love and miss you all so much and hope you are all enjoying cold weather in Utah.. here it's always high 90s or even in the 100s with 80-90 percent humidity... ITS HOT! have a great week!!!!!


Elder Babcock

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