Monday, March 21, 2016

Share your testimony

What an amazing week! First off tomorrow I will complete 8 months in the mission, and wow, time goes by too fast. But I have loved every second here. We had some awesome lessons and found some new people. Along with that we had the goal to baptize 3 people this week. All had been prepared and sadly when the day of the interview came two couldn't be baptized for one reason or another. BUT this week we had the amazing opportunity to baptize [a new member]. She is 100% an example of someone who was ready to accept the gospel the second she learned about it. When we started to teach her she had gone to church two times in the city and didn't know there was a branch in Espinal. She had lots and lots of problems but one day she said no I shouldn't be doing this and was able to stop "guajolote frio" (cold turkey hahaha). She had told us she never knew how she was able to quit as she was super addicted. But somehow she did it and she told us after the baptism that the day she said I'm going to quit she had this feeling--warm and peaceful. And well she said the entire time during the baptismal service it was the same feeling. Her testimony after her baptism sounded like that of a convert of 5 years. She has already read more than half the Book of Mormon in less than 5 weeks of having it. We would always leave one or two chapters and she would be like uhh I read 10...I had to know what happened next..hahaha. She also is reading the Teachings of the Prophets and Gospel Principles.

God is always preparing the hearts of his children to accept the gospel. We never know who or when but for that we have to share our testimony always. Now that doesn't mean bring a box to City Creek or the center or your town and scream your testimony, in fact the best way to show your testimony is the way you live. Be an example to others and they will note something different about you. This woman first questioned about the church because her cousin in a member and said why is she always so happy and nice to others. I wanna be like that, and well she ended up searching and found the church. If we show others how happy we are because of the church it will make them wonder why and want to search for themselves. Be the example and help someone find true happiness. This week we remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We remember his ultimate sacrifice for us. He served 24/7 and was our perfect example. I know he lives and that he knows me and my struggles personally and perfectly. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week. I love this church and I know that no man runs it. Read your scriptures and pray! It's the way we talk with God!! STAY SWEET!


Elder Babcock

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