Monday, March 7, 2016

P-Day in Papantla

Well the work here is amazing. I love my area, my companion, the members, my zone, and leaders and my mission. It's been amazing and has completely changed my life. Today we went to Papantla to spend our P-day and we ended up helping an eye care thing in the stake center. All the Americans were translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish for the eye doctors and the patients. It was super super cool to see how far my Spanish has come in this short time...however I still have tons to learn and I know I have to keep working for that to happen.

This week I had a super prideful (but a good prideful if that's a thing hahaha) moment when we went to visit our recent converts. We showed up and started talking like normal when in the middle of the lesson they said they had to tell us something that happened in the morning. [Representatives from another religion] passed by and were asking them why they joined our church, telling them it's false and that they should join their church. And they told us that the only thing they did was bear their testimony about this church. That they didn't join our church just because they liked it but because their hearts had felt the spirit and they weren't going to leave being so close to their Heavenly Father for anything. They told them we aren't going to change because this is the true church. I love this couple.

BUT there's more, this Sunday the two of them stood up for testimony meeting and talked a little bit about their conversion and how there lives have completely been changed. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! Anyway I love you all and keep safe!! Keep reading the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. That book is the best way to find the answers to your problems!


Elder Babcock

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