Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hotter than a baked potato

Welp this week went by fast than ever. I swear someone has the remote on x4 time or something like that. This week was absolutely amazing with my new comp. He's the most amazing Elder. He is so humble and loves to serve and help others feel the spirit. He's helped me so much in the little 2 weeks we have together.

This week we started to visit with a new investigator. She's 22 and used to live super far away but now lives in Espinal so we can finally start teaching her. We showed up to the first lesson, and what do you know she pulls out her three Ensigns, her Gospel Principles book, her Teachings of the Prophets book, and her other little papers that people had given her. And well she immediately said I love your church I wanna be baptized. Teach me more. Caught us off guard and well it shows really how people who are searching for the truth will leave everything to have it. She comes from a family where her parents drank tons and were abusive. She had a kid in high school and ever since then has been alone to take care of her daughter and work for herself. She is currently learning English as well as a double career. You could say she has a full plate. Like when the hermanas give us a plate with enchiladas with beans and rice and carnitas with a soup to start and a dessert after and in the middle she asks you to eat a second plate...something like that hahahaha. BUT guess what? All this load and weight she said is being removed little by little with the what she has learned of the church. That what used to be super stressful and difficult now has meaning and reason. She wants to be better and through the gospel she can move forward.

I LOVE WHAT THIS GOSPEL CAN DO TO PEOPLE'S LIVES. My only invitation is give your friends and family, who have not heard or maybe aren't too active in the church, the chance to see what the gospel can do. Sharing our testimony is sometimes the best way to help others see that his isn't just a religion but a way of life (Alma 4:19). It's no longer a Sunday thing but an all day everyday type of thing. And you WILL be more happy living it this way. I love you guys tons and stay super safe! It's still hotter than baked potatoes here and sadly I havent eaten a baked potato in a good long while.. hahaha adios!!


Elder Babcock

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